Jacks Mind Collage

January 24

My creative optimism has resurfaced. Ideas are forming in my subconscious. Pulses of positive thought energy popping into my mind. I’m starting to see AI’s potential. It could assist me on bigger projects, ideas that once needed multiple people. I could do it all by myself now. I’ve been drawn back to the computer.

Experiment I:
I ‘m testing generative image production. Put old artwork from foundation art college through DALL•E*. Resurrected some dystopian collages from a fusty old box under the bed. My First attempts at AI generative art production! What will occur? The Psychological experience was dreamlike as I watched computer convert old artworks into new ones. It’s so fast. Incredible. I’m hooked. I Put $18 into the DALL•E slot machine, its an addictive process waiting for results to arrive. Thrilling even. More, more, more, ad infinitum. I’m a kid in a sweet shop without parent.

*AI Image production tool by Open AI

Jacks Mind CollageAI interpretation of an old collage by Jack Myntan