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March 6

Jacks Mind LogoExperiment V:聽 My bread machine is breaking. Think the motor is about to go (could be something to do with leaving a tea spoon in it once). Now making loud knocking sounds. The excitement triggers a creative urge. Can I make song about a breaking bread machine with AI? How long will it take? It’ll be quick no doubt based on recent experiments. As I mull these ideas, a background anxiety starts to take hold; Is the music industry going to die because of AI Music? Are musicians defunct ( I am a musician, not a great one, but hey) This sends me on a long philosophical journey to the centre of my creative being…. result…. were all dooooooomed, well maybe… fantasies of lying on a beach while personal AI makes all my art and music… sadness and gloom follow… future life appears more pointless than before this thought… damned imagination. Luckily, the creative urge remains and so I write the lyrics for new song (BreadHead) and put them into Udio AI music tool. Sounds like the Beach Boys and I like it. Its a keeper. All I have to do is add the breaking bread machine sounds…

I want to make a video now! ‘Thats ok,’ I reason, but I set a rule; It has to be made to completion before bedtime. Experiment V needs to be concluded today. So, energy wavering, I rapidly put together the video and by bedtime (10pm for me) Im tired and depleted of dopamine. Of course, as is usual in this state, I think everything Ive done today is a big pile of dung (Id normally use the word shite, but Im being polite) Maybe I’ll like it tomorrow?

Still think the results of Experiment V are lacklustre (especially the video) The song is good, makes my partner laugh out loud, so that makes me happy. I’ll leave the video on youtube although the perfectionist inside me is cringing. Question to self: Will there be a lot of searches on YouTube for ‘broken bread machine’? I think my marketing plan needs tightening up. Yawn…

AI facilitates the rapid production of ideas to high level. Impressive. 8 out of 10 awarded. That said, I have a major concern; will the attention market become over saturated with ideas like this? Most probably. Will AI come up with ideas like this? Most probably. Will AI pay for me to go on holiday while it produces ideas like this? Probably not, but you never know. 馃崬

New Feature to the site: Jacks Jukebox


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