A Fly with a human nose

February 26

Experiment IV: 
Made audio track with AI about flies. Very impressed. Feeling sorry for musicians. They are most probably going through the same mental apocalypse I suffered.

Related news: Planted runner beans too early. Now I’m eating flies. Every windowsill has plants ready for planting out. Downside: multiple fly farms. Looked it up online. Told it’s natural, leave them be. Worse thing, flies love the smell of my food. Regularly kamikaze into whatever I’ve made. Now eating the little blighters. Trying to forage them out of salad and hummus. Not easy. Neither flavoursome nor crunchy.

Fly-ridden rumination: Do flies have noses? They can smell can’t they? Why do I have these doubts? Obviously there are gaps in my knowledge.

Jobs: Research fly noses. Make an image of a fly with a nose. Make a fly based song about flies with noses.

You can listen to it here: